idk what i’m doing and i’m running out of time. Sooo. I’m just gonna……

I tried 

fucking up my sleep schedule like never before. 

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I’m finally gonna see another dermatologist. I’m really excited. omg CLEAR SKIN .

so happy 


my legs are sore.


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theslumberinghermit said: Get of tumblr u sad fuck . u got shit to do


no screw hw i’m finna be a hobo i aint gotta know shit bout English fuk English i’m gonna ride da rails and do all da cocaine fuk da system 

can we go 2 Disney land when we hobos  ?

Do all da cocaine of off micky mouse’s ass in front of little kids ??

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that shit stain is back

that shit walked in on me pissing on purpose and laughed it off like he didn’t do anything wrong. 


he better not come near me

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please reblog this to BURN



the  more     blogs this  is on…  the more       blogs will burn.      spread the word, and we can destroy…. toether.

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Daniel Dorobantu

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